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About Me

My Background

MEP Circle

Coming of age in Ann Arbor, MI, I come from my "slightly-left-of-center"  and "color-outside-the-lines" philosophy honestly.  I was a founding student of Community High (Commie High) and was among the third year of graduates.  

I began working at 13, acquiring my first management position at 18.  Since then I have, for the most part, been in some form of executive management.

I have worked both for profit and nonprofit gigs, and my company was chosen for 1 of the 2 incubators in the San Francisco Bay Area during the Boom.  I was a founder, and coached 15 more start-ups.  I continue to assist new entrepreneurs, as well as seasoned professionals find creative solutions to life's perplexing problems.  I love smart people!

You may go to my Linked In page for more details:

Opera & Revels:  I love to sing and have been gifted with an exceptional voice.  I have sung with the San Francisco Opera Company, and the Cambridge and Rocky Mountain Revel Companies for their Yule Celebrations.

Sound Healing - The core of my healing work.  I use voice in partnership with crystal bowls and/or gongs to restore energetic balance to organic lifeforms.

Writing and Authorship

I have been a professional writer for 20 years.  I have worked as a ghost writer, speech writer, and co-author. I've written white papers, technical specs, and symposia documents for profs at UC Berkeley.  I have designed all forms of copy, sales collateral - and will, on occasion accept a commission.

I am passionate about NaNoWriMo, and have completed 13 novelettes.

Currently I am working on my first novel - a book set in 7th Century North Africa.

My Passions


Thealogy - my life's mission is helping to restore the Sacred Feminine to our culture, institutions, and spirituality.

Ritual - is the way we grieve, imagine, tell our story, and record our history: individually, communally, and globally.  To that end I have a  BS in Particle Astrophysics, an MA in Deep Ecumenism - the commonality of world religions, an MA in Deep Psychology, and certifications in Herbalism, Spiritual Direction and Jewish Healing.  I completed initiations  and apprenticeships in the Church of All Worlds, and the Reclaiming Collective.

  I have studied, led and taught ritual making , magick, spiritual development, and worship both domestically and internationally for 40+ years.

The Links between Science and Spirituality.  I worked with the Fundamental Fysicks Group exploring Eastern mysticism, extra-sensory perception (ESP), unidentified flying objects (UFO's), Tarot Cards, and Group Mind; and worked for The Center for Particle Astrophysics as their Resident Thealogian.

Lusitanos - The Lusitano horse is the direct descendant of the Iberian horse, the forebear of all horses that were at the root of all equitation throughout the world, from Europe to North África, from Ásia Minor to Índia and China.

Thanks to the isolation of this part of Europe, this extraordinary horse survived here and evolved over a period of about fifteen thousand years, almost entirely free from extraneous influence until quite recently.

I had the privilege of working as an equine masseuse for Cavalia@, working on the beautiful Lusitano horses of Magdilee Del Gado & Frederic Pignon, and fell in love with all things Lusitano!

Here's my horse healer website:

My Causes


  1. To love me - is to love my causes.  Here are the organizations I participate in, facilitate for, and support.

HeartMath® Institute - Lifting Global Consciousness: Raising Our Vibration & Expanding Our Capacity to Love consciously and passionately!

The Caring Economy - If we bring Caring and the Economy together, what would our lives and our world look like? The Caring Economy Campaign (CEC) explores this enormous potential through public policy work focused on alternative economic and social indicators, and through a powerful platform for uniting organizations and individuals to build a more just, sustainable, prosperous, and caring economy and future for us all.

The Parliament of the World's Religions - was created to cultivate harmony among the world's religious and spiritual communities and to foster their engagement with the world and its guiding institutions in order to achieve a just, peaceful and sustainable world.  Melissa promotes the Global Ethic ratified at the 1993 CPWR in Chicago, IL.  Where she signed this document that represents 75-92% of the World's population!

The Heifer Project

Seventy-five years ago, Dan West began outlining a simple but groundbreaking plan to help the hungry. This “not a cup, but a cow” thought was the driving force behind West founding Heifer International. 

Now, 75 years later, the “teach a man to fish” philosophy still inspires the Heifer Project’s work to end world hunger and poverty once and for all and has transformed the lives of millions.