Reviews about Melissa Ellen Penn's Work



KUDOS :ku·dos/ˈk(y)o͞oˌdäs,ˈk(y)o͞oˌdōs/noun

  1. praise and honor received for an achievement. 

"I watched as Melissa contributed ideas, leadership, and tons of sweat equity to Charity Phone™, a cause-related marketing venture in the telecommunications industry. reviews A charismatic speaker and fantastic networker, Melissa excelled at cultivating relationships with other individuals and companies. 

She became a huge attraction for my wellness spa at Broadway Plaza, an upscale mall in the East Bay.  She drew cross of customers on Saturday mornings for her free tarot card readings.  Many individuals returned for her spiritual healing after having such a positive experience.  And of course having so much traffic created wonderful sales for my business."

                                                    JERUSHA STEWART

                                          Former CEO of iSpiritus, Inc.  Author of The Single Girl's Manifesta

                                          and Director of the Vero Beach Wine & Film Festival

"Melissa Penn is a natural leader and inspires others to develop their potential.  I have observed her assist people to formulate, articulate and act on their beliefs.  Ms. Penn has enhanced her natural leadership abilities with serious study.  In the decades I have know her, she has successfully incorporated diverse healing and faith principles into her business skill repertoire.  I highly recommend her.  Your success Depends on it!  She has the voice of an Angel!" 

                                     ELLEN F. MURTHA

                                 Santa Cruz Community Credit Union

"Whatever she's teaching - take it. reviews ta da!

If you value your life - trust her.

I did, and my life has flourished past the wounds of my childhood 

and into the wild blue yonder."

                              AARON J. MILLER

                               Data Analyst, Computer Programmer, and Game Designer

"When Melissa told me in a tarot reading that I would meed my soul mate in front of a rising sun, I didn't know what to think.  But it did, exactly as she said it would.  Later, as all relationships do, we cycled downwards.  Melissa helped us to open to authenticity, humor, and desire.  We're now on our 10th year of a wonderful marriage."

                        SUSAN STAFFORD, MD  UCSF

" Melissa, without a doubt is one of my most accomplished students. reviews Her passion for magick, her dedication to study, her intellect and superior research skills make her a commanding presence in ritual.  She is fierce to demand justice, eager to be of service, and compassionate of heart.  I am proud to know her and to have had a hand in her development." 

                         STARWHITE/MARILEE LEWIS

                         Clergy - Church of All Worlds